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Ville/Bam Fanfic Addicts

Fanfics about Ville Valo and Bam Margera

6/6/07 05:29 pm - villesbabygirl - :)

I'm Erin and I guess I'll post some Ville fanfics here... mostly and pictures of the band...

by the  way... usless info about myself if you care...
intrests: Ville Valo, Marilyn Manson (and the spooky kids, HIM, The 69 eyes, Cradle of Filth, vampires, Anne Rice, Edgar Allen Poe.... ect...

just ask if you want to know more...:)

7/26/05 11:36 pm - xglamxtrashx - New

I will probably mostly be a picture poster considering the fact that I've had a massive amount of writers block for the past year. I can try writing something but it probably won't be any good and it also won't probably be any time soon.

6/8/05 12:53 am - gothic_poison - Maintainer of this community speaking.

So, here it finally is, something i've been trying to look for on here, but couldn't find so i decided to make on of my own.
Alright, so, if you have a fanfic, a story about any of these guys with the reader as the main character, send send send it here! NOW!
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